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George Lockett +44 (0)1286 882701 Mob: +44 7791 023993

Is available for Radio, Television, Print, Internet, Podcasting Interviews, After Dinner Speaker and Talks.

Authors Bio: George E Lockett SSHA, IIHHT – HealerGeorge

For the last 32 years have focused on personal development, involving the study of yoga and meditation and turning the attention in on itself.

This process has led to some amazing realizations about, who the person within the body is, and how this individual awareness interacts with the Universal Mind of the Creator God.

I finding the connection that I make to the more subtle energies within myself helps with the effectiveness of my Healing work. I have practiced healing in most parts of the UK, taking a stand at Mind, Body and Spirit Fairs around the Country and Internationally.

World Lecture Tour, which has taken me to New York and San Francisco in the USA; Kyoto, Japan; Istanbul, Turkey; The Hague, Netherlands; Berlin, Germany; Budapest, Hungary; Prague, Czech Republic and many other locations.

I've appeared on a number of TV Chat Shows, Radio Interviews and been featured in articles in News Papers and Magazines. Please see the left menus for details in each area.

Being aware at these subtle levels, opens one's awareness to Spirit and allows the communication to take place between one's senses and those people in Spirit that may wish to communicate from the other side of the veil. This ability allows me to work as a Medium in the Spiritualist Churches.

My Recent book A Journey Into The Self - The Multi-dimensional Nature of Being Human by George E Lockett

Book Description

What is this book going to do for YOU? For those who are seeking a complete energetic makeover, as you read it you will feel a stirring and awakening in the depths of your heart. For those who have questions about Shifts in Consciousness, Energy Balancing and Healing within the body, you will find clear answers.

List of Top Ten Talking Points

  1. I can describe clearly the process of Energy Healing

    1. Ground yourself to the Earth First

                                          i.    Visualise a connection to planet Earth

                                        ii.    See roots growing from your feet grounding your Energies

                                       iii.    Visualise the stale energies leaving your body

                                       iv.    Visualise fresh revitalising energy be drawn into your body

                                        v.    Feel at one with the planets Energies

    1. Open the Energy Centre’s the Chakras

                                          i.    Open the Chakra – Base, Sacred, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Brow, Crown

                                        ii.    Spin each Chakra  to create a vortices’

                                       iii.    Visualise each colour merging into the Aura

                                       iv.     Feel the power in the Energies grow and expand

                                        v.    Be aware of the Crystals which link with each Chakra

    1. Connect to the Planets and Stars to create Connection

                                          i.    Visualise white Light entering the Crown Chakra

                                        ii.    Visualise this white light connect you to the planets and Stars

                                       iii.    Feel the astrological influence coming in with this energy

                                       iv.    Feel the balance within your own energy field as you make this connection

                                        v.    Feel at One with the Whole Universe as you connect and align your energies

  1. I can expound the principles of Meditation and give a guided meditation

    1. Relax, Release and Expand to grow in awareness

                                          i.    Meditation is a process on going deeper into the Self

                                        ii.    As we go deeper we release tension and become more whole

                                       iii.    We grow in Conscious awareness of the more subtle aspects

                                       iv.    Releasing is a process of just witnessing and not reacting

                                        v.    Expanding is a process of integrating the different aspects of Ones-self

    1. Be aware of the body on many levels

                                          i.    Be aware of the Layers in Physiology

                                        ii.    The level of the Organs, Cells, Molecules, Atoms, Fine Particle

                                       iii.    Transcend Physical body into your Light Body

                                       iv.    Experience Oneness within your light body

                                        v.    Transcend into the Soul or Eternal Continuum 

    1. Be open and aware of your experience

                                          i.    Be open to your thoughts, feelings and emotions

                                        ii.    Sense the changes in your energies

                                       iii.    Stay conscious of the experience

                                       iv.    Sense the most subtle level of your being

                                        v.    Where you have conscious awareness

  1. I can do Radio Interviews on Healing and the Human Body from an Energy Healer point of view.

    1. Describe feeling and emotions, which are sensed while working

                                          i.    Describe the connection process and internal viewing

                                        ii.    Feel the imbalance within myself

                                       iii.    Use visualisation and energy flow to bring about healing

                                       iv.    Feel the healing taking place

                                        v.    Feel the release of emotions and the restoration of health

    1. Describe the flow of Love energy and Light which bring Balance

                                          i.    I can experience the light flowing through my hands like lasers

                                        ii.    I feel the connection to the persons source energy charge up

                                       iii.    I feel the adjustments in the energy meridians

                                       iv.    I feel the Aura grow in strength and be repaired

                                        v.    I feel negative energy being grounded into the earth  

    1. Discuss  the Do’s and Don’ts of healing Work

                                          i.    Don’t diagnose the patient, know the energy will flow where it is needed

                                        ii.    Do keep a positive image in your minds eye of the person fully recovered while working

                                       iii.    Do allow the process to take place naturally without effort or strain

                                       iv.    Do take time at the end for the patients energy to settle and balance

                                        v.    Do except financial donation for the healing, to show energy exchange and as an expression of abundance  

  1. TV interviews with demonstrations of healing, altered states of Consciousness

    1. Charge my energies and work on a subject on Camera

    2. Show hands being drawn to curtain areas of the body

    3. Describe what is felt and sensed while working

  2. Talk on Working with Energies – Building a Personal Energy Field

    1. Describe the energy flows through the body

    2. Talk about the layers of energy and their connections

    3. Describe the creation of Charisma

  3. Talk about my New Book – A Journey Into The Self – The Multi-dimensional Nature of Being Human by George E Lockett.  Available on

    1. Describe why I was inspired to write my book

    2. What the purpose of the book is for

    3. How the book can change peoples lives for the better

  4. Talk about the Sixth Senses and Out of Body experiences

    1. Describe how to use and develop the sense

    2. How to get the conscious awareness out of the body

    3. Integrate these skills with physical reality

  5. Talk about Telepathy and premonitions and déjà-vu insights

    1. Describe how to communicate over vast distances

    2. Connection to the Akashi Record

    3. Develop second sight

  6. Talk about working as a Medium and Connecting to the Group Soul

    1. Describe Spiritual Communication

    2. Raising Ones Vibration to the level of Spirit to allow communication

    3. Communication with Family and Friends on the other side

  7. Talk about Evolution of Consciousness, the flow of Life and Ascension

    1. Describe the process of evolution of Consciousness

    2. Expanding and refining awareness and increasing sensitivity

    3. Taking ones being to the level of the Angels

George E. Lockett
5 Glan Rhonwy
LL54 6BD
Wales, United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)1286 882701

Mob: +44 (0)7791 023993


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