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 Levels of the Mind



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Levels of the Mind

Most people experience at least three levels of consciousness within their minds, Waking, Dreaming and Sleeping.

But this is a very flat, linear way of looking at the mind. The mind also has depth, as is experienced when transcending in meditation. The mind is a three- or even multi-dimensional experience, which is not limited by either time or space.

Each state of consciousness has its own reality and experiences. If we were dreaming and fell out of an aeroplane only a parachute in the dream state could save us.

In the same way all levels of existence have their corresponding level of consciousness and only by experiencing consciousness on the same level can we hope to have an influence.

Science tells us that consciousness and the movement of thought is an electrical activity that can be measured on an EEG machine. This machine measures the electrical activity in the different parts of the brain. But science also tells us that electrical activity exists at many levels within matter.

The body is a whole being and the mind has the consciousness of the whole. Though the body is also made up of organs and these have their own consciousness. The heart functions on an automatic level of consciousness, giving out waves of energy, which cause the muscles to contract at regular intervals. But within the organ there are cells and within the cells there are molecules and within the molecules there are atoms. At each level the electrical activity operates in its own unique way.

But what is the common theme in this? It is that on all levels of existence there is order, there is progress and evolution and there is intelligence. Science also tells us that, at the finest level of physical existence, there is a vacuum state, a field of pure energy. In this state everything exists in virtual form. This field of pure energy and pure intelligence is the coming together of mind and body: the physical and the mental.

This vacuum state, which is omnipresent, all-pervading, eternal, has been suggested to be a scientific way of looking at the reality of God itself.

So how is this order in nature maintained? It is kept in balance by the existence of opposites. The atom has a nucleus, which is positively charged and electrons, which are negatively charged. The two types attract each other and the speed of movement keeps them apart: forming a balance and equilibrium.

The cells of the body are controlled by the environment in which they find themselves. These have a more sophisticated method of communication, by the use of various hormones and interaction with the DNA. The DNA is like the brain of the cell giving out information and creating the order that forms the structures of the various components of the body.

A group of cells in turn form the components of the organs. These again have their own method of ordering the individual parts.

The main point being the strength of this order: if the cells go off doing their own thing, the system starts to break down. This is the main cause of cancer in our bodies, when cells start to multiply were they shouldn’t.

So how do we strengthen this order, to bring more coherence to our bodies and minds? The easiest way is through meditation and becoming aware of ourselves. This means, in simple terms, taking our conscious mind deep into our subconscious mind, experiencing the subtler levels of thought and of our own physical existence.  By reaching the source of thought and becoming in tune with our deepest self, we become in tune with the universe and all that exists in our environment. We become charged with subtle energy and bring this to everything that we do.

Our minds are full of intelligence, but it is only when we become aware of the intelligence, that intelligence becomes intelligent. Therefore self-awareness is the basis of learning, becoming more aware of our bodies and mind and the intelligence that permeates both. We become intelligent, we gain the ability to use our intellect and make decisions at all the different levels of the mind, body and consciousness.

Also, other people can experience this same self-awareness, which we can experience. This experience is the experience of reaching that field of unity. If all the people become in tune with their selves and work from the same cosmic plan, then problems don’t come up. We experience harmony and balance.

We experience all knowledge in its virtual form. This is also the meeting point of all the individual minds of the world in a common universal mind. By putting our mind in tune with the universal mind we eliminate the main cause of stress in the world. When you are in tune with the universal will, you are doing what is right in that place at that time. You experience a frictionless flow of life, which is supported by the environment and all those around you.

As you experience these subtle levels of the mind you begin to realise that it is also intelligent. You can start asking it questions and seeking knowledge. This is another way of gaining knowledge; some people refer to it as intuition, some as general knowledge.

It is also possible to talk to other people at these subtle levels and develop one’s powers of telepathy. As with everything in life, you are limited only by your power to comprehend and desire what it is that you want to achieve. 

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