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Distant Healing - HealerGeorge is an Internationally Renown Natural Healer. 

Receive healing through distant healing: sent telepathically to you wherever you are in the World by HealerGeorge.  There is no need to travel or go for an appointment, just take advantage to this wonderful service.  Distant Healing uses the power of Universal Love - channelled straight to you by HealerGeorge.

Key Benefits

  • A positive influence is received immediately
  • No need to travel
  • Low cost
  • Feel the inner peace and wholeness washing over you
  • Your energies become more relaxed and centred in yourself

Request Distant Healing from HealerGeorge

Please click on the button below to request healing and give a small £25.00 donation.  HealerGeorge will receive your request and healing will be sent.

Feel the healing over the next month - when the requesting healing, please enter the full name and location town of the person needing healing.  Enjoy basking in the love that flows when you click on the button below:

The benefits of Distant Healing will be sent directly, bringing a soothing feeling of loving warmth enveloping you as HealerGeorge sends the Natural Healing. This benefit will continue to be felt throughout the next month.

A very special thank you to everyone who supports HealerGeorge through gifting. Your financial assistance makes it possible to continue growing HealerGeorge and offering the Distant Healing and Meditations materials on this web site. 

As we experience the joys and challenges of Healing and Growth through Distant Healing, we help other humans on their journeys through sharing, caring and guiding. Over 20,000 visitors come to the HealerGeorge web site each month to experience Healing and listen to the Guided Meditation and other resources. Your financial contributions help pay for:
   * Monthly meeting and Live WebCast costs
   * Administrative costs
   * Website maintenance & development costs
   * Healing Training Scholarships
   * Miscellaneous HealerGeorge expenses
Please click on the Buy Now button, to request healing and then be take to the page to enter your personal details.


I would like to thank you for all the healing you have sent so far. Thank you also for the CD and leaflet you posted. I am pleased to say that I am experiencing positive results from the distant healing.  My condition is slowly improving and I feel it is now only a matter of time before I'm healed.
Paula N. - Newport, Gwent.
When I met you at the Mind, Body & Spirit festival in Sleaford, Lincolnshire.  I know something extraordinary was happening when I saw bright pools of light on your hands in front of my eyes.  Even so, I could not have imagined the journey that was ahead of me. I know me and my sinuses will make it through! I hope we meet again sometime - I have so many things to tell you. With love and thanks. Carol A.M. Lincolnshire.

What is Distant Healing?

Distant Healing is practiced when the patient is not present, this is called ‘Absent’ (or ‘Distant’) healing and is similar to prayer.  It is possible to transmit healing energies over any distance and this form of healing can be very effective.  The patients may or may not be aware that this healing has been undertaken for them but may obtain much benefit from it.

Distant Healing can meet the needs of those people who are unable to receive contact healing.

Please tell HealerGeorge the person's name, where they live (town or district is sufficient) and a brief description of their illness/problem and circumstances.  Any problem of body, mind or spirit can benefit from healing. 

HealerGeorge is a full Healer Registered with Surrey Spiritual Healers Association.


Full Healer Reg. No. SY1328

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