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HealerGeorge's Natural Healing

By George E. Lockett SSHA, IIHHT. +44 (0) 1286 882701

HealerGeorge's Natural Healing - feel the healing yourself: Request Healing Now Feel the love flow through HealerGeorge as he makes his natural connection to the Healing Guides and Psychic Surgeons on your behalf.
Healing is a remarkable drug free treatment; Natural Healing will benefit you.  

Request Natural Healing Now and feel the healing flowing within yourself. Follow the link and connect with HealerGeorge; when you feel the benefits, you will realize what a gift you have been given. Add to cart - Natural Healing

HealerGeorge's New Book:

A Journey into the Self: The multi-dimensional nature of being human
A Journey into the Self: Kindle Edition
Journey into the Self - Continued - Kindle Edition

Testimonial - Your book on the Multidimensional Human Being is fantastic. Your experiences illustrate this multidimensional nature in ways that I did not know were happening to human beings at this stage of evolution. You are living your divine purpose and it is a blessing to all of us. Never stop my friend! C. S. Austin, TX.  

Law of Attraction Interview of HealerGeorge and Dr Susan Flowers Ph.D

The Amazing, Internationally Renowned, Natural Healer and Author George Lockett, SSHA, IIHHT, joins us tonight all the way from the UK as we kick off our first global event! He is the law of attraction author of A Journey Into Self: The Multidimensional Nature of Being Human.
Healer George is a gifted psychic and healer and expert on long distant healing. Come and experience the fantastic benefits and bring your requests! Feel the love flow through Healer George as he makes his spiritual connection to the Healing Guides and Psychic Surgeons on your behalf.
He will also be answering burning metaphysical questions such as: (1) What is Consciousness? (2) What Does it Mean, We Are All One? (3) Can I see my own Aura? (4) How Do We Move On From Relationship Break-ups? (5) What Does it Mean to Travel Into The Zero Point Field?

HealerGeorge Interview on, Live the Abundant Life You Love, with Dr. Susan Flowers, Ph.D  Download MP3

Dr Susan Flowers  Ph.D interviewed by HealerGeorge on The Law of Attraction Download MP3

Recent Articles written by HealerGeorge

The Introduction explains a different way to look at the body.  Healing Energy explains where this energy comes from. 

Guided Meditations  is the place to visit. - New - Just click the button below to listen:

Earth and the Universe Guided Meditation 52 minutes   

The E-book section has information, stories of HealerGeorge and his knowledge of life.

Enjoy a selection of HealerGeorge's Radio Shows, on Personal Development and Questions and Answers about healing.

Come and have a look round and find the practical ways we can use this energy to heal ourselves and others.

If you have any family or friends in need of healing, visit the Healing Services page.  if you want Spiritual Healing sending to them click on the dove.

Our Mission

To provide Absent Healing and Hands-on Healing to people who ask for it.  To educate those wanting a natural method to bring balance and harmony back to their lives by the use if a healer.

There is lots of knowledge, e-books and Meditations  available on this site. 

To read other articles by HealerGeorge visit: Blog

If you have a question for HealerGeorge, please post it on the discussion forum Ask HealerGeorge

Feedback Comments:

Thank you for allowing me free access to your mp3 meditations. You are a true gift sent to me by the Universe, As it is extremely hard to find free guided mediations. May the Universal Source send you all your desires, thank you so very much. 
Peggy Bumbacco, Sault Ste. Marie,
Ontario Canada
I would like to share a place to meditate with you and possibly your group that I found on the web. The results of these meditations are awe inspiring to say the least.
 George is a wonderful healer and just the feeling that I got from one meditation inspired me to try them all. 
Namasté Cassandra Johnson

Dear George,
I have just read your Blog, and have been mesmerized by your eBook.  I wanted to thank you for the vital knowledge you have given me, and have offered to the world.
I have a heart filled with gratitude to you.  Your love and positivity shine through.  It is awe-inspiring to see how little judgment or ego or fear there is in your words.  Thank you.  I will visit your site often for updates.  There is, however, enough information on your site to last lifetimes.
Ruth in New Haven, Connecticut USA

Just wanting to Thank you for this web site, is very beautiful
and while looking and reading the pages, was experiencing lovely energies!
Marjaana - Finland
This is cool stuff !!!!! - it's like - accept your a part of god and just create - stop analyzing how it works - stop wasting time !
"Yet the true process of knowing is not in understanding, it is in being. It is through your feeling and releasing, relaxing and centring your energy that you can truly know whom you are"
many thanks - Mark M. - Reading.

I would like to thank you for all the healing you have sent so far. Thank you also for the CD and leaflet you posted. I am pleased to say that I am experiencing positive results from the distant healing.  my condition is slowly improving and I feel its now only a matter of time before I'm healed.
Paula N. - Newport, Gwent.
When I met you at the Mind, Body & Spirit festival in Sleaford, Lincolnshire.  I know something extraordinary was happening when I saw bright pools of light on your hands in front of my eyes.  Even so, I could not have imagined the journey that was ahead of me. I know me and my sinuses will make it through! I hope we meet again sometime - I have so many things to tell you. With love and thanks. Carol A.M. Lincolnshire.

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5 Glan Rhonwy
Gwynedd LL54 6BD 
Wales, United Kingdom

Or telephone on :  +44 (0)1286 882701

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